Providing digital solutions
Digital World services are modular. It can be used selective or in packages.
We can help you with: Photography Image corrections Text inputs Data conversions Data uploads

Your data will be stored in a system of your choice or on our partner platform gives the possibility to exchange product related data with your partners easily. It allows you to keep control over the usage of your valuable data.
A download-portal is a form of an internet portal, but with a more limited content such as software, music, film, games, a.o. . It gives the end-user the possibility to download the products that he desires. This downloads may be free, or have different costs.The purpose of the internet portals is to capture the interest of both end-users as well as producers on a single platform. Moreover, the internet portals give the possibility to the user to find the products in different categories as well as through a “global search” engine.
Phononet is an electronic system that brings the manufacturer of the physical CD in direct contact with the resellers. Phononet offers a 24-7 ordering system as well as an active action management. Phononet is of service to all music and film producers and distributors.
Digital World will send on clients request all the data to Phononet such as metadata, covers, sound, clips.
With Music Promotion Network, Phononet offers an internet portal for the electronic editing of the new musical releases for all media partners ( Radios, Print media, Online media-newspapers, magazines …). The radio stations receive in their archive ( through secure connections) the music titles in CD-quality as well as the metadata and content information. Mass media journalists, print medias, media partners will find on this portal all the relevant promotion data and new releases. Moreover they will have the opportunity to listen to the songs in full lengths.
Digital World will send on clients request all the data to MPN such as metadata, cover, sound, clips.